Thursday, January 21, 2010

Scene Eleven: Advance Transit

"Clear!" barks a wizened bus driver as he signals for new passengers to board. I step into warm relief from the biting breeze and name my stop, "DHMC."

Advance Transit is the Upper Valley's free public transportation system. Routes run to Lebanon, Norwich, White River Junction, and several other nearby towns as well as to DHMC, the Route 12A Plazas, and all parts of campus. For students like me, sans automobile, it is the only way to get around without spending on a taxi. To be fair, the local taxi companies are run by friendly (however shrewd) people and are reasonably priced, but a free alternative is alway trump to me. The only catch is that the buses don't run on weekends. At all. Ever.
For me, this is a disabling catch. On weekdays I am often busy from 7am until 6pm and the buses stop running between six and seven. Even if I have time to get a bus to somewhere, I have no way of getting back.. other than a taxi. I am very grateful for the bus system, but I would like to see it more accommodating of my college schedule.

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