Sunday, January 9, 2011

Scene Sixty-Three: I go to Dartmouth

...and sometimes things get a little crazy here. Time-wise, I mean.

The infrequency of posts from last term attests to the fact that I was entirely swamped with work- from taking on two new internships (with OPAL and Global Grassroots) to pledging Phi Tau to class to bed! No time to blog. Let's face it, most of what I did manage "to write last term" is actually backdated.

This is a new term, though, and while my only significant circumstantial change is an increase in out-of-class work (hello Studio Art classes), I fully intend to better manage my time and update more frequently. After all, what good is my being busy if I can't share the experience with anyone?

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  1. Anonymous20.1.11

    A talent to be so busy and still have time to blog