Monday, April 16, 2012

Dada poetry from the Admissions Office

In a message sent to the entire student body by the Admissions Office today at 2:48pm, some intern decided to take advantage of his or her clerical privileges to promote the following Dada poem:

ℼ佄呃偙⁅呈䱍倠䉕䥌⁃ⴢ⼯㍗⽃䐯䑔䠠䵔⁌⸴‰牔湡楳楴湯污⼯久㸢਍䠼䵔㹌䠼䅅㹄吼呉䕌㰾启呉䕌ാ㰊䕍䅔栠瑴⵰煥極㵶潃瑮湥⵴祔数挠湯整瑮∽整瑸栯浴㭬挠 慨獲瑥甽楮潣敤㸢਍䴼呅⁁潣瑮湥㵴䴢䡓䵔⁌⸶〰㘮〰⸰㜱〱∹渠浡㵥䕇䕎䅒佔㹒⼼䕈䑁ാ㰊佂奄ാ㰊㹐渦獢㭰⼼㹐⼼佂奄㰾䠯䵔㹌਍

Which, in (Google) translation, reads:

π Han uh Di was Sui Bo Yu Mei Shi Tang sewage long roar Kure Kai Kure Ren JueHuan very the entire Li the Address Litu Fushunaotang Zhengbinyouyu scratch generous won Wen the the Quan the mulberry Min using Wen Minli the Tu ⁌ ⸶ DrainageThe the gushing accounted Zheng suddenly vortex Xiao Zheng suddenly


Someone else came along at around 4pm to try to clear away the situation, writing "**We apologize for the previous email if you received a blank or unreadable message.  We had a power outage during the sending.**" and appending a more business-as-usual correspondence. I prefer my hypothesis, however, and salute the (possibly fictional) intern responsible. Just because you no longer have a job with Admissions doesn't mean that you're unemployable. I hear that Dartmouth is on the lookout for its next Robert Frost.

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