Thursday, August 2, 2012

SEO TempJobs

The number of current undergrads who remember the old BlitzMail system is dwindling and with us go the memories of blitzbombsa, bulletins, and days when organizational all-campusingb didn't require gaudy HTML.

But, at least for those of us who miss the bulletins- and those who could sometimes use a little extra cash, and perhaps also for those who just don't get enough blitzes in a day- all is not lost!

SEO TempJobs still exists!

Yes! Yes! YES IT DOES!

What's all the hype, you ask? Well: TempJobs is where Upper Valley residents post about jobs they need done, preferably by students. They can range from lawn work to computing help. I've seen posts from elderly folks who want someone to read to them and from parents who want their 6-month-olds to learn Mandarin. I once moved a couple sofas up three flights of stairs for $30. There tend to be a lot of babysitting gigs. Every now and then someone wants grocery shopping done. You get the idea.

To get in the know, just sign up for the TempJobs listserv, here:

Jobs tend to be on a first-comec basis, though, so responding quickly is key.

- - -

Blitzbombing was the exploitation of a vulnerability in the old BlitzMail system that allowed a sender to flood the inbox of an unwitting victim with dozens of copies of a single blitz in one fell swoop. Perpetrators/pranksters did so by addressing the 'To:' field to their victim, then 'Cc:'-ing or 'Bcc:'-ing the same recipient 10, 20, or up to 200 times. 200 messages delivered in a single click. For added bang, a bomber might send multiple such messages. Unfortunately, the 'Conversation' functionality of the new Microsoft system (and most other modern systems) renders this trick obsolete.
b or, sending a blitz to all of campus; generally only used to reference the current undergraduate population
c and qualified

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