Friday, October 5, 2012

The Dartmouth: Registrar pursues online projects

Shared from The Dartmouth:
The newest initiative will be an online major declaration system available on BannerStudent to members of the Class of 2015 beginning Winter term, according to McAdams, who served as the project's leader. The system will replace the previous process of having to file three paper cards in order to declare or change a major, with one card each for the department, the Registrar and the student.

"It's good to have anything that's easier, that you can do with a laptop you already have, instead of walking to three different offices," Callista Womick '13 said. "Environmentally speaking, that's a pretty huge impact."

Despite the elimination of paper forms, students will still need to meet with a major advisor and obtain approval for any changes to a major. However, students will not need to meet with an advisor to obtain a signature on paper, a change which may reduce personal interaction, according to Womick.

"I think if this leads down the path of adding and dropping courses late in the term online, that would be bad," she said. "I think it's important to do some things in person."

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