Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Interview with Richard Asala '13

Excerpt from my April 18 interview with Richard Asala '13:
Callista Womick: Ok, so, big question: How do you think being at Dartmouth has changed you?
Richard Asala: I think—and sometimes I find it difficult to admit it to myself—but I think being at Dartmouth has taught me to be less idealistic than I am—than I was, let’s
put it that way. Because I just, I don’t know—my experiences here have shown me how being practical about some things gets things done. Something like networking, something like getting contacts, having people push you in the business world, for example. That showed me that—I mean, you can sit down and say that everything has to be fair, you have to do this this way and you have to do everything by merit, and all that, but then if no one else works in that same way, you wouldn’t get what you want. And you need to, you know, get what you want ‘cause that’s what’s important— that’s the bottom line in most cases.

Dartmouth Community and Dartmouth’s World is an ongoing oral history project that launched in 2012. The project’s goal is to document the changing nature of the Dartmouth community in the second half of the twentieth century with an emphasis on the concept of the insider and outsider and how those roles and perceptions change for various constituencies over time. Narrators will include members of the Dartmouth community from 1945 to the present, representing a broad spectrum of voices and perspectives.

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