Thursday, February 4, 2010

Scene Sixteen: Terry Tempest Williams, Revisited

I stand in the foyer of the Montgomery House with Terry Tempest Williams and two others, discussing a statue that occupies an alcove by the main entrance. It is of an unnaturally tall, unnaturally slim woman with a bun and long dress. Her almost nonexistent mouth is contrasted by hauntingly large eyes and her spidery hands are laced in front of her groin area...

After the intimate conversation that we had last week at the White House dinner, Terry Tempest Williams invited we eight East Wheelockers to join her, along with any friends we wished to bring, at the Montgomery House for a reunion over dessert. With cake from the Hanover Inn, we enjoyed the low-key setting in which people came and went as their schedules permitted. Too often, my life at Dartmouth lacks the low-key. Even though it was wedged between an FSP application and Religion homework, I relished this respite.

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