Monday, February 22, 2010

Scene Twenty: Lullaby...

I slosh across the green from Arabic drill to my Religion I lecture, drowsy after a late night of revising papers for Writing 5. As I near the melting coliseum at the center, Baker's bells start singing, "Lullaby, and goodnight-"

The bells play songs at three specific times during the day, but students can also blitz requests for off-hour renditions. "Happy Birthday," "Blackbird," "Hey Jude," and "Hi Ho Hi Ho" are the most popular this term, but the list of possibilities is much longer. As a fall-term first-year, "Hell's Bells" was my introduction to the unorthodox chimes. Unfortunately, the only recordings of the bells that I can find are more traditional. Guess you'll have to visit campus to hear the rest.

Oh, and I had no trouble staying awake in my Religion lecture. With Professors Ackerman and MacEvitt, it is the sort of class in which, regardless how sleep-deprived I am, I never feel drowsy.

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