Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Scene Forty-Seven: Though 'Round the Girdled Earth

Roam where you want to and Dartmouth'll be there. This is increasingly my experience, anyway. Imagine my surprise when the girl next to me introduced herself as a Dartmouth '11 during day one staff orientation for Duke's Talent Identification Program Summer Studies in Durham, NC.

We're enjoying reminiscing about parts of campus that we miss and introducing gems of Dartmouth culture to these kids. They don't really have access to the Internet, so RUA is out (that was totally a 10W thing, anyway, right?), but WAH! and Ninja are spreading like wildfire.

No actual TIPsters were filmed in the making of this clip. Actually, I just found this on Youtube, so I can't speak as to any involvement of TiPsters at all.

But wait, there's more: a girl on my hall knows Laura Cressman (one of the lovely '14s that I hosted over Dimensions) and a girl on the hall adjacent to mine is neighbors with a '12.

We. Are. Everywhere.

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