Sunday, October 17, 2010

Scene Sixty: Milque and Cookies

Every term, Phi Tau holds a campus-wide event called Milque and Cookies. The purpose of this event, as you may have guessed, is to consume copious amounts of milque and cookies.
  • What is milque?
  • Where do the cookies come from?
  • Who are these madcaps?
Excellent questions.
  • Milque is a special, spiced, milkshake-esque mixture that Phi Tau prepares and serves by the vat (or, in this year's case, the pumpkin) specifically during M&C.
  • The cookies come from three days worth of in-house baking. Yes, they're all homemade. Phi Tau provides the ingredients and the kitchen, brothers and campus at large provide the manpower and creativity. This year I made four different kinds of vegan cookie (the best of which were Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies with raspberry jam filling, image below). Of the (literally) thousands of cookies, flavors range from bacon (an old favorite) to lace (a new favorite) to chocolate chip (traditionally delicious) to peanut butter curry (nontraditional, but delicious). It's a spectacle.
  • Such are they.

© Copyright Callista Womick 2010

Have you ever eaten cookies under a disco ball?

© Copyright Callista Womick 2010

(The above is just one of several tables of cookies in one of three such cookied rooms.)

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