Thursday, March 31, 2011

Scene Sixty-Five: Dartmouth Gets Greener

Our recycling system is ok.

We now have single-stream and there are bins beside most trash cans, but the system isn't uniform across campus and many students are too confused (or too apathetic) to utilize it.

Collis Cafe took a step toward addressing that this term with not only the addition of a compost option (previously available only at foco*) but also a complete revamping of the system which makes the distinction between receptacles much more obvious. Kudos to whoever took the initiative.

In other news, I saw the first flowers of the season today: crocuses, yellow and purple. I hope they'll be hardy enough to stand the snow tomorrow.

© Copyright Callista Womick 2011

*Comments on the renovation: I miss the beautiful murals on the old foco ceiling (although apparently they contained asbestos) and having only one entrance/exit (as of this term) is a pain, but I guess the pirate theme is pretty cool. Seriously, though: I heard some people referring to it as '53 yesterday. The distinction between Thayer Dining Hall and Thayer Engineering School was admittedly dodgy sometimes, but there's nothing ambiguous about foco. Lest the old traditions fail.

*** Update 1 (3 Aug. 2012): RIP Home Plate.

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