Sunday, April 3, 2011

Scene Sixty-Six: PILLOW FIGHT!

When I met John Brett '00 he was carrying a pillow under his left arm. It seemed strange that he would bring it to a retreat dedicated to brainstorming aspects of campus that need improvement (SHARE- Students Hearing and Responding Effectively), but Dartmouth is pretty diverse so I didn't question it too much.

"Do you bring your pillow with you everywhere you go?" asked Kari Jo Grant, one of the two organizers of the retreat.

"No, actually it's International Pillow Fight Day and I wanted to make sure I was ready for the showdown at 5:30. We're meeting at the center of the Green."

Obviously, this is something I could get excited about. A few questions later, my initial suspicion that he was a Super Awesome Dude proved true and we tripped over to the blitz terminal to make magic. He sent me a promotional blitz, I forwarded it to the all-campus listserv, and the rest is history the rest is history.

Gavin Huang / The Dartmouth Staff |

*** Update 1 (2 Aug. 2012): dartbeat broke history; link updated and photo added. (That's John on the right.)

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