Saturday, March 27, 2010

Scene Twenty-Eight: From Sunburns to Snowdrifts

At 3am we stumbled from Immokalee Friendship House cots to our rental cars and by 1pm we were peering through van windows at the Connecticut River. After ten days enjoying Florida's muggy Spring, New Hampshire's gray skies and residual snow banks offend the senses.

At least the Green is, well, green. If only this misty-cold rain will blow off and the temperature will take its cue from the rest of the country, we might have some real spring here yet.

Season or not, though, the new term begins on Monday. I will be taking Arabic 3, Spanish 9, and Biology 7.

The latter is my required Freshman Seminar, titled "Biotechnology for Global Health Needs." I no longer plan on pursuing the pre-health track during undergrad, but I retain my interest in medicine and health care. Also.. this course fulfills my TAS distributive requirement. Most other courses that would do so are either in the Engineering department or require copious amounts of math, both of which are prohibitively daunting for me.

Now, only to tackle my SCI/SLAs and QDS...

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