Monday, March 29, 2010

Scene Twenty-Nine: Spring Commences!

Academically, at least. From Banner:

Congratulations! Callista R. Womick has successfully checked in for Spring Term 2010.

With a 9L, a 10, and an 11 I am pleased with this term's schedule. But, alas, Arabic 3 still requires drill- one of the only higher-level language classes that does so. I refuse to take it at 5pm, so I'll probably be rising for 7:45am drill when it begins in a week or so. Deep sigh.

In addition to curricular classes I hope to take Zumba® for PE credit. I originally planned on taking belly dancing, but at $32 Zumba® fits more neatly into my budget for this term. Sign-up for PE classes begins tomorrow, and its first-come, first-served.

My backup plan, in the unfortunate case that I don't get to join the party, is to help Habitat For Humanity for PE credit. They're always blitzing out for drivers, so my driver certification is golden.

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