Monday, August 30, 2010

Scene Forty-Nine: Granite State of Mind

Only seven days until I tote my bags back north and my room is still a disaster area.

I didn't pack for my beach trip neatly and I have yet to unpack from TIP, so what would be my floor is currently a tangle of suitcases, unfolded clothing, hangers, books, art supplies, and miscellany. There's a path from my bed to the door. Sort of.

Rather than tackle this task, I'm stuck on the thought that in just a week's time the floor of the Berry Sports Center will look very similar: a tangle of items brought by '14s for their section G DOC trips as they pick and choose which weight to keep and which to relinquish until their return in five days time. I can't wait to meet them. I keep hearing that theirs is the best class ever.

Classes don't start until September 22, so I'll have nearly two weeks of veritable free time on campus- excellent. Lots of time to become familiar with the 1,187 new '14 faces and help them become familiar with Dartmouth.

North Carolina is great, but I'm itching to have hiking trails, boulders, and Robert Frost in my backyard again. I hope that soon enough the '14s will feel just as at home in New Hampshire. :)

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