Sunday, September 5, 2010

Scene Fifty: The Greek System

© Callista Womick 2010

A sight I never expected to see on a campus other than Dartmouth's: a frat yard littered with Keystone Light cans.

That was the only aspect of NC State's Greek scene that seemed homey, though.

On most nights at Dartmouth there are several organized parties and numerous basements open for pong. I would feel comfortable walking into any of the houses and, because almost all of our parties are open, I could. At NC State (and elsewhere) this is not the case.

While visiting a friend in the lull between most other schools starting and heading north to lead a DOC trip, we checked out some of the parties. Peering through the windows of the first house we approached, I saw a sea of cookie-cutter girls speckled with the occasional preppy guy.

"Who do you know here?" the brother at the door asked. "If you don't know anybody here, I can't let you in."

We circled around to another cluster of houses, each echoing the same sentiment.

Love it or leave it, party or not, at least our Greek houses don't check social resumes at the door.

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