Friday, September 24, 2010

Scene Fifty-Three: "This above all: thine own self be true."

 So quoth the Bard with Polonius's voice.

Some people fret endlessly over distribs, spending hours scanning the ORC and working in Word to ensure that they fulfill every. single. one. by Sophomore Summer. I do a bit of that, but ordinarily my trouble comes to naught when I ultimately shuffle my schedule per passion rather than prudence.

This term is no exception. I began with a swell-enough schedule: Linguistics 1 (10), Arabic 21 (11), and Studio Art 15 (or Drawing I, 2A).

But '-enough' really wasn't. On the first day of classes I opted to accompany my bosom friend Rebecca Drapkin to a class that she promised would please: Shakespeare I, taught by a Professor Brett Gamboa newly arrived to the faculty.

Have you ever enjoyed reading a syllabus? I mean really enjoyed it as an art form in and of itself? At noon I marched to McNutt to have the Registrar's Office rearrange my affairs, but everyone was on lunch break. So I bid an hour of my time and at 1pm was in the queue with several dozen other students seeking to get into (or out of) key classes. Despite the foreboding sign in the foyer, the process was painless and I was in-done-out in under five minutes.

Ought I have traded in a QDS for Shakespeare, you wonder? Well, it just so happens to be the W that I need.

"Now go we in content
To liberty, and not to banishment."

"Beyond This Place There Be Dragons"
© Copyright Callista Womick 2010

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