Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Scene Thirty-Three: GYT

Get Yourself Tested.
Get Yourself Talking.

There's an STD screening event in Collis Commonground today, and that's its slogan.

Screening event? That is, we fill out a short questionnaire about our sexual history and meet privately behind velvet curtains with someone from Dick's House to determine whether or not we should get an appointment for a free STD test.

Pretty informal, very efficient.

While we waited (there was quite a line- we at Dartmouth care about our health, after all) we could sample different flavored lubes, practice putting condoms on dildos, and even pocket an assortment of free condoms for later use.

Oh, and everyone who participates gets a free T-shirt.

Thanks, Sexperts!

© Callista Womick 2010

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