Sunday, April 25, 2010

Scene Thirty-Six: Dimensions' End

..was AWESOME. The '14s are awesome. Fall term'll be awesome. Who's pumped?!

Dimensions officially started for me on Wednesday afternoon with the early arrival of Alex Yerukhimov and snowballed into the avalanche of Olivia Dahl, Alex Rowe, Laura Cressman, Alex Khitun, Roxy Aflalo, and Jovalee Thompson.

Yeah, the three Alexes thing was a little confusing. We managed, though.

Other than sharing close quarters in what appeared to be a spacious East Wheelock suite until filled with seven bodies and their possessions, some highlights from our weekend include:
I'm stoked to share campus with this terrific group of people fall term (*poke wink nudge:* if any one o' ya has yet to make it official, remember, "Don't ask, tell.").

But now that Dimensions is over, what? Next stop...

DOC Trips!!!

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