Monday, April 19, 2010

Scene Thirty-Four: DIMENSIONS!!!

Early Decision or Regular Decision, hopefully you'll be on campus with us this weekend. I know you're stoked to meet your fellow '14s and maybe an upperclassman or two. You're already packed, aren't you?

I'm trying to bring some sort of order to my room, 'cause this weekend I will have the pleasure of hosting the ravishingly beautiful, passionately intelligent, knee-jerkingly comical Laura Cressman '14; the dashingly handsome, profoundly ponderous, swashbuckling Alex Rowe '14; the incisively sarcastic, philosophically profound, gratuitously good-looking Alex Yerukhimov '14; and the star of the bunch: striking like the Big Dipper, clever as Obama, and all-around stunning Olivia Dahl '14.

Look 'em up, they're fabulous people.

And, if you're unlucky enough to not be joining us for Dimensions, you can still check it out online at tomorrow's live broadcast.

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