Sunday, May 30, 2010

Scene Forty-Five: Of Formal Wear, Plastic Spoons, and Going Home

It's that season: As thick as the air is with pollen are evening walkways thick with lavishly clad ladies and dashingly decked gentleman.

I got into the formal spirit on Friday with Phi Tau's backyard shebang. Flames, friends, and fresh air- shared with the finest company I've found at Dartmouth. And to dance! It isn't a party until people are breaking it down to Ke$ha and swaying to Cyndi Lauper.

Saturday night Amarna hosted a showing of The Room (2003) written, directed, produced by, and starring Tommy Wiseau. It's the sort of experience that should never be had alone. Very interactive. Think Rocky Horror shout-outs and a lot, a lot of spoons.

Afterward, walking back toward campus in the thick fog of midnight with (WAIT.. this was my last full week of classes?

I leave in a week?

As in, I won't be at Dartmouth anymore?! I don't feel good about that.)

Anyway: walking back with Rebecca: we encountered an abandoned button-up shirt. Striped. Quite nice. It is ours now and we shall share it. After it's laundered, of course.

...I'm sorry, I'm pretty hung-up on this leaving-campus-not-to-return-for-the-next-three-months thing.

I mean, I have friends whose D-Plans dictate that I won't see them again until Sophomore Summer. I have friends who have been off adventuring since Winter term that I won't see again until Fall, at best. I have unrealized plans and unexplored interests and unfinished business and it... all must wait until September?

Don't get me wrong. I'm super-excited about my summer plans. I have a great job. I'll get to see my family and friends from home. I'll get to enjoy some real heat. Not to mention Southern cooking... But it isn't here.

I rather wish I could stay.

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