Thursday, May 6, 2010

Scene Thirty-Eight: Room Draw, EW Style

Other than great rooms, cool residents, Tessa now Josiah, Dean Pfister, Professor Brison, Sunny, Max, the White House, tickets to Hop shows, the snack bar, Brace Commons, and proximity to the gym, living in East Wheelock has an additional perk: one needn't stress about regular room draw!

A button proclaiming that "I Love Room Draw," three mini-boxes of nerds, and twenty minutes into EW's room draw I left with ownership of a gender-neutral double on Andres 2. Not too shabby.

I would have preferred a two-person suite, but a pair of girls grabbed the last one (despite the fact that female two-person suites remained) right before I claimed our room. I'm not bitter. Really. Give me this over what the poor souls of regular room draw will endure any day...

A scene from EW room draw, held in Collis Commonground.
© Callista Womick 2010

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