Friday, May 14, 2010

Scene Forty: Green Key!

For some it starts tonight. For some it started Wednesday. Either way, Green Key's pong, parties, and alumni are upon us! For these few days, Dartmouth at large will engage in the last blast of revelry before term papers and final exams overtake us.

Last night was beautiful.

Among my adventures was SigEp's paint party, from which I have a stained shirt and sore feet. I love a dance floor with good music.

Professors have many different approaches to class on big weekends. Today, my psych prof held lecture as usual. My Arabic prof gave a test. My seminar prof canceled class altogether. Happily, I don't have drill on Fridays, but some students of other languages must wait until 6pm for their freedom.

Eh, the parties don't start until 11pm anyway.

Post-Paint Party
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